For one of the fans of the film, the cinema is always a favorite place to vent and main hobby. However, if the first cinema in the Mall is a place you must visit in order to watch a movie with a good sensation, then the current in the digital era, you have several options to watch cinema.

One way or the option to watch the movie theaters are using smart phones smartphone alias. Using a cell phone? It can? Although there will be exactly the same as the real feel of the cinema, but you can feel the sensation of watching it pretty well.


Watch Movies Streaming on Netflix Smartphone

As we all know that starting on January 6, 2016 yesterday, Netflix streaming movie services from the United States has entered into Indonesia. From here then go to the cinema with films box office and the best quality (High Definition) can be done with the media or other devices such as smartphones one of them.

With Netflix you can indeed could watch cinema quality movies using a variety of devices that can connect to the Internet. Then How to watch movies with the sense of cinema #smartphone on Netflix’s service? Here’s his review.

1. Note Screen

First thing to note in order to watch movies via smartphone sense of cinema is the screen. Well because the cinema watching a movie requires a sense of satisfaction that the phone screen is used must have a large size. The standard size for a movie can feel a sense of cinema in the phone is 5.5 inches.

With this standard size then you will be very comfortable when going to hold it, or will be put on the side of the house or in a place that is able to make the phone look standing. To watch the film a sense of cinema itself, the phone screen will greatly support when placed in a horizontal position.

With this position, the movies will look bigger and real as in the cinema. One more thing you should also remember that the size of the width of the phone is to be supported with the brightness and sharpness or resolution high enough.

2. Connect with 4G Network

His name is also watching a cinema-style then you might not encounter obstacles such as buffering when watching on YouTube. Well this is where the challenge you when you want to see a movie via a mobile phone with a sense of cinema. Then you should really make sure that the network #internet you do not slow or sluggish.

To reach this state you inevitably have to be connected to the network 4G long term evolution (LTE). Why should the 4G LTE network? Because only with this most recent network then you will be able to see the movie in the style of cinema without barriers (dashed alias buffering). In Indonesia alone 4G LTE network is already available in some areas. Therefore you do not need to worry if untouched this 4G network.

By utilizing 4G network then you can reach speeds of up to 72 megabite access per second. Mobile devices that already support this 4G network was already a lot. Therefore make sure your phone and mobile operator you use 4G has been based for the desire to watch movies via the phone can be realized.

3. Make sure the battery capacity is adequate

The average movie will spend 2-3 hours. So from here of course, the battery capacity of the mobile phone must support it. The most sensible thing to do to support a considerable time watching this nature is to perform the first battery to full charge.

But this will be useless if the phone battery capacity only slightly. So to be safe you are inevitably must provide a mobile phone with a battery capacity of the support. The battery that supports to see a movie alone is a battery with a capacity of 3070 mAh. With this battery then you’ve been able to provide standby power for a cell phone all day.

4. Note External devices

Recently a way to watch the film a sense of theater with mobile devices is by paying attention to the external device. Eksteral device intention here is like a loudspeaker. Yes, the better the sound produced mobile phone then increasingly felt also the feel when you watch the movie theaters via this phone.

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