The beach is highly recommended for backpackers or traveler and tourists who wanted to visit Lombok. “Pink” beach Lombok, this can be your favorite destination for a holiday with your family, friends or relatives

Unique Pink Beach – East Lombok

The location of the
Beach Tangsi or Pink Beach is located in the village of Sekaroh, district Jerowaru, East Lombok Regency, the city of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. To reach gili cat review the coast of Pink, tourists can go through the route from Mataram city to the beach of Tanjung Ringgit due to its location. The damaged streets and perforated make travelers took about a 2 hour drive to get there. The entrance to the beach, there are at 1 km before travelers entered the Cape Ringgit, or before arriving at the entrance of the Beach the Ringgit, will be seen on the sidewalk of a street sign that reads ‘ PINK BEACH 50 m. ”

The activity of the
Tourists who come to the Pink Beach can do a lot of activities, especially water-related activities such as: snorkeling, fishing, and diving. For snorkeling tourists must bring own supplies, because no one rents out equipment. In addition, tourists can also hire fishing boats to surround a cluster of small islands located just 2 km from the beach and not far from the neighborhood beach, tourists can explore the cave relics of Japan.

Travelers will not find full facilities and super luxurious like the beach in General. You will only find fishermen who offered a boat to circumnavigate small islands and some of the people who offer drinks and no lodging. Therefore, it is recommended you island in the afternoon to return to the Inn.

The way to the beach of Pink:
Site Pantai Tangsi/Pink Beach pretty far from Mataram city, so it takes about two hours to get to this location. His route is exactly the same as a route to Tanjung Ringgit, because it is the location of both adjacent. Only, the entrance of the beach Tangsi is about 1 Km before Tanjung Ringgit. Note there is writing on the side of the road “PINK Beach 50 meters”, from there you can just walk to the location of the Pink Beach of Lombok.


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