Expertise senior actor Robert De Niro in front of the camera seems to have not been exhausted. Since starting his career in feature films in 1965, the man who is now 73 years old it still went on to star in several films. In early 2017, one of the films starring actor famous by the movie “The Godfather Part II” (1974) it was ready to enliven theaters around the world. Movies by genre comedy drama titled “The Comedian”.

Robert De Niro will be acting with other legacy comedy actor of Hollywood, Danny DeVito, as well as the beautiful actress Leslie Mann who recently starred in the hit romantic comedy titled “How to Be Single” in February 2016 ago. Although no official synopsis has not been released, as well as poster and trailer, but certainly the film “The Comedian” will tell the story of a comic alias comedian stand-up comedy that is already old.

Comic old named Jackie Burke (Robert De Niro) must face the fact that her condition had not needed the audience again. He did once get success saay play in a program of comedy (sitcom) popular titled “Eddie Home”. However, now the popularity is waning. Even so, Jackie still trying to survive. He tried to return to the comedy club, but continued to haunt his old character.

However, Jackie did not want thrown into the ‘scrap heap’. He kept trying to get up and practice in order to prove that he could still entertain the audience. In a wedding, he met a woman named Harmony (Leslie Mann), who then helped her regain her confidence. The film “The Comedian” will be premiered in the event AFI Fest on November 11, 2016, before it opens in theaters universally on 13 January 2017.

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