Before getting into Indonesia, Iflix which is a streaming movie service Asia and Hollywood is already showing up in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. And yesterday on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 this service has finally entered Indonesia through a partner company Telkom (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia).

Yes, Telkom is known to have established cooperative relationships with Iflix to deliver streaming movie service. With this partnership, the customers could obtain the services of Telkom IndiHome #internet cable Iflix to watch various movie titles online up to a total of 20,000 hours. So how did the services of Telkom IndiHome Iflix this? Here’s his review.


Promo mass iFlix

In this early period itself Telkom provides to customers IndiHome promo package Iflix 10-20 Mpbs to use free for 6 months. The use Iflix even longer that 18 months would be obtained by the customer IndiHome package of more than 30 Mbps speed.

According to VP Consumer and Sales Services Telkom Jemmy Confindo this opportunity should be used as much as possible by customers IndiHome because after the promo period is completed, the subscription price will be back to normal Iflix be Rp39,000. After signing up customers can access IndiHome Iflix of a maximum of 5 digital devices that can play #video . In addition to running on the network IndiHome, customers who have already registered can also access it from outside the network Iflix IndiHome.

While Just Happened to Customer IndiHome

According to Telkom’s Director of Consumer Services, Dian Iflix Rachmawan the launch event in Jakarta yesterday said that in cooperation with the customer IndiHome Iflix who can activate this service. But this is only the beginning of the launch where it is also possible Iflix will be extended to other partners. IndiHome own customers who have registered can use and watch movies streaming via network Iflix by accessing the first link

Flix Come, How fate of Netflix?

As we know that Telkom has blocked #layanan streaming Netflix a few months ago. But when similar services are received by Telkom Iflix then the question arises, how the fate of Netflix? Whether Telkom will unblock it for Netflix? To answer this question, the Director of Consumer Services PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) Dian Rachmawan respond to a request.

He stated that Telkom could unblock Netflix, but with the proviso that the streaming video service providers to cooperate with Telkom in the provision of services. More Dian stated that when the fate of Netflix were blocked when it was already unlucky fate. This is because Netflix when it comes to Indonesia no excuse and do not knock the door, even though Netflix is already over the top (OTT), which runs on top of the services (internet).

Excess Streaming Movies Iflix

Iflix itself is a streaming video service from Malaysia that has several advantages as it offers a wide range of movie titles series with a total airtime of up to 20,000 hours. In addition Iflix also has advantages on the security level for the consumption of all ages because of his films had escaped from tighter censorship in Malaysia.

Chief Executive Officer of iFlix Indonesia namely Cam Walker has said that his company is going to perform various adjustments to the content to be aired in Indonesia. Two things to be commercialized in may include sensors or curate content and subtitle Indonesian language.

Content that violates Withdrawal and Not Available

Although already escaped censorship in Malaysia, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) also promised to keep going to censor and secure the services of a variety of streaming video iFlix pornographic content. Treatment sensor made by Telkom itself will also refer to the rules and warning of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI).

So if there is content that does not comply it will immediately be withdrawn by warning of the IBC. But to be able to pull content considered to violate this should be done according to the procedure through KPI. So the withdrawal request made by individuals is not justified because it tends to be subjective.

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