1. Keep the two cars in the garage

How to cooperate with the previous game. previously only one car is stored, this game can save two or more cars in the garage.
Get two or more cars and get to garasi push one car to open the garage and drive hinga half way in and out of the car so that the door is maintained open. Continue to enter other cars and then push up kegarasi and in driveway and drove the rest of the way in and out leave garage. Et viola! Already there were two cars in the garage get unlimited gta 5 money generator no survey
2. Stop the gang attack in the area.

Simply save games gang war will stop and not have to fight them.

3. Free Coins

Standing in front of the stripper when people see them give money CJ took not the case if you put money.

4. Basketball Tricks

While playing the left mouse click to trick ball,

5. Edit statistics on vehicle game.

Browse to the GTA: SA directory isntall, and then look like this:
C: \ Program Files \ Rockstar Games \ GTA San Andreas \ directory data. MAKE A BACKUP OF FILE BEFORE MENGEDIT.untuk Statistical edit vehicle, open the file in notepad handling.cfg first. As seen, all info on each kendaraan.Ikuti rules in order to know how to edit your comment can do anyuthing like make Rhino to light as PCJ600 and control at good..you can also edit existing game in the file-file.Tetap should carefully with that you edit, leave as values in order to prevent interference sane

6. Select the model of the Moon
Use the sniper to change size from large to small and vice versa.

Thus Review Games GTA V and there may be interested in a direct way with this way of completion of GTA San Andreas that we present this using the savegame. So if we make use of the way savegames GTA San Andreas is the mission will be immediately completed 100% and we do not need to complete the mission so much because everyone was obtained in an easy way.

This savegame will be the way of completion directly GTA San Andreas with ease, and we will obtain attractive features include:

100% save game over
Money immediately received $ 999999999
All the area is already successfully mastered
Features hot coffe all already active
There is no more war fighting gang territory
70 Unique Stunts
50 Horseshoes
50 Oysters
50 Snapshots
Vigilantes 12
Pimping level 12
All clothes are already in every home
Level paramedics 12
Had never cheat
Cool modified cars ready in the garage
1000 Gambling Skill
100 Tag
1000 Respect
Bike School 100%
Boat School 100%
Semuat stat vehicles
Sex Appeal already 2000
Lives there is no limit
Armor no restrictions
Ammunition can not be discharged
Skill already peaked

Cj main characters here are immune from attack bullets, explosions and even falls from heights that can not be rationalized. hehe besides CJ also can undergo any unnatural. Anyway cool deh. However, there are things to note player. If these restrictions are violated, the CJ will lose immunity and can not do special things like those presented above. Here are the things that should be avoided player in order not to lose CJ resistant special features etc.
Do not activate the cheat code HESOYAM
Do not get caught by the police
Do not let death exploded in a car or vehicle.

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