Hello skipper clash! This time I want to discuss how to set the appropriate strategy to win the battle royale in the latest clash this game? This game supercell officially launched in March 2016, although it is still fairly new, but already has a lot of game downloaders recently.

How to play the game clash royale is extremely requires the right strategy so that we can continue to win every duel with our opponents, we have to be clever to choose the tactics that opponents can not destroy our base before we were to destroy it first. With the thrill of this game I want to share the trick here.

Well, for my friend who needs to try to use the strategy I use and always win just to listen to some tips and tricks to play clash royale well and quickly get the various cards in this game.

How to Set the Clash Royale Tactics To Win Continues :

The composition #Put Cards To War

First please mate set several sets of the best cards to try to beat your enemy quickly and easily by using elixire efficient. For example, just here me fill clash royale cards Battle deck with cards that attack by land, air and remote attack (Spell) and do not forget to always prepare a card that can survive when attacked opponent suddenly.

# Set your attack patiently as Battle

Not only patient in the first step battle but my friend also do not rush da carried away amid the battle for Clash Royale is a game that demands buddy to attack and defend at the same time the wait Elixir belongs pal full pal has a chance to attack or defend from sudden enemy attack if they are lucky friend could counterattack that will surprise the enemy with the rest of the Elixir sobaat have.

# Use Attack with 2 and 3 Card Only

Tips wins battle Clash Royale next is always attacked by at least 2 cards because they make it easy buddy to attack at once distract the opponent Combination Giant with Skeleton Army is apt to distract Tower Arena While Tower Arena is busy shooting at Skeleton Army Giant will have more opportunities to destroy the opponent’s defense then my friend can do a quick attack with a combination of Minion Horde Prince and King Tower to finish off opponents with ease.

# Has Clan to Donate

By having your clan will be able to add a card with a card request pretty lah for any attack by having the mainstay card if you have a clan that already have a higher level so you can request a card that has a high level.

# Set Time Opening Chest

Every Chest require different times to open there chest that took 3 hours to 12 hours Do not let my friend opened Chest needs wkatu 12 hours to open during the day because it would create a buddy wasted Instead, go Chest is 3 hours in during the day so my friend can more quickly get a new card from the chest open and open the chest that 8 hours or 12 hours when you’re going to sleep.

# Use Gems Clash Royal Well

As we know Gems can be used to speed up the process of upgrading the card belongs to my friend through the process of opening the Chest By accelerating the upgrade card then clash royale pal the faster leveling and cards friend have even more powerful gems can also be used to buy Chest, Gold, and cards available in the Shop therefore use them wisely Gems will greatly help my friend to support victory in battle in the game Clash Royale.

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