Synopsis Movie The Comedian 2017


Expertise senior actor Robert De Niro in front of the camera seems to have not been exhausted. Since starting his career in feature films in 1965, the man who is now 73 years old it still went on to star in several films. In early 2017, one of the films starring actor famous by the movie “The Godfather Part II” (1974) it was ready to enliven theaters around the world. Movies by genre comedy drama titled “The Comedian”.

Robert De Niro will be acting with other legacy comedy actor of Hollywood, Danny DeVito, as well as the beautiful actress Leslie Mann who recently starred in the hit romantic comedy titled “How to Be Single” in February 2016 ago. Although no official synopsis has not been released, as well as poster and trailer, but certainly the film “The Comedian” will tell the story of a comic alias comedian stand-up comedy that is already old.

Comic old named Jackie Burke (Robert De Niro) must face the fact that her condition had not needed the audience again. He did once get success saay play in a program of comedy (sitcom) popular titled “Eddie Home”. However, now the popularity is waning. Even so, Jackie still trying to survive. He tried to return to the comedy club, but continued to haunt his old character.

However, Jackie did not want thrown into the ‘scrap heap’. He kept trying to get up and practice in order to prove that he could still entertain the audience. In a wedding, he met a woman named Harmony (Leslie Mann), who then helped her regain her confidence. The film “The Comedian” will be premiered in the event AFI Fest on November 11, 2016, before it opens in theaters universally on 13 January 2017.

Film Synopsis Assassin’s Creed in 2016


A 2016 story latest film his adaptation of a popular video game called Assassin’s Creed will greet friends at the end of 2016. The film “Assassin’s Creed” This is one of the most anticipated films in 2016, especially for gamers.

An engaging story with a slick action scenes, making the film “Assassin’s Creed” is worth watching. But according to the trailer circulating on Youtube, the scenes in the film Assassin’s Creed is set in the modern era, it does not look at all like the royal era in video game.

20th Century Fox Film production will feature some well-known Hollywood stars like Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, and Ariane Labed. The film “Assassin’s Creed” is a film director Justin Kurzel scheduled to be released on 21 December 2016.

Synopsis Assassin’s Creed
Assassin’s Creed
Admin increasingly intrigued by the story of the film “Assassin’s Creed” after watching the trailer, because it does not look the horse and knight as his trademark. Hopefully the next trailer can answer this riddle. Okay directly, we see Assassin’s Creed SYNOPSIS more.

SYNOPSIS Assassin’s Creed :
The film “Assassin’s Creed” is about the adventures of Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) who explore the memory of his ancestors through a genetic tool memories. Callum turned out to be a descendant of an assassin named Aguilar who lived in the 15th century in Spain.

He then trained to be an assassin after he was kidnapped by a mysterious person who still has a relationship with the Templars, and was sent to take a historical artifact.

Movie Details Assassin’s Creed:

Director: Justin Kurzel
Producer: Frank Marshall, Michael Fassbender, Conor McCaughan, Jean-Julien Baronnet, Patrick Crowley, Arnon M.
Screenwriter: Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, Michael Lesslie
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Ariane Labed, Michael K. Williams, Matias Varela, Denis Menochet, Carlos Bardem, Coco Konig, Mohammed Ali
Genre: Action, Adventure
Prime Release Date: December 21, 2016
Studio: 20th Century Fox

Film Synopsis Fast And Furious 8 (2017)


The movie “Fast and Furious 8” genre Action, Thriller, Crime is a continuation of the previous movie Fast and Furious 7, which has been running in April 2015. The film Fast and Furious 8 is still in development stage, the film is directed by F. Gary Gray and manuscripts film story was written by Gary Scott Thompson.

In addition, the players previous films like Vin Diesel, Dwayane Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Stathan is almost certain to return to the installment of Fast And Furious 8 this. And Paul Walker was rumored to be still present in this film even though he had died in an accident in 2013 ago. Universal Pictures will release the movie Fast and Furious 8 in mid-April 2017.

The movie “Fast And Furious” will tell the character portrayed on russell. In Furious 7, Russell became a secret agent known as Mr. Nobody. The agent asks Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) to steal a secret program.

Reporting from Motor Authority interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, Vin Diesel says that in the series is one of the locations chosen as the storyline is New York, USA.

For Michelle, the eighth film is important because it marks them of the star “Move on” from the tragedy of Paul Walker. We need a reason to continue (death) Paul said, and besides that, this film has become a global franchise.
Vin Diesel also talked a little about Fast And Furious 8. He has called for the film “F8” which is pronounced “fate” or fate. Paul often says eighth films are destined to be made, if your brother already said so we stayed to make sure what he said carried.

Fast And Furious Movie Review 8 (2017)
8 Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Fast And Furious think will be the first series was made without the presence of Paul Walker. He suffered a deadly accident on November 30, 2013 last. And that seems to be irreplaceable in the hearts of lovers of the movie Fast and Furious series 8.

For lovers of this film which has been waiting for its delivery on 14 April 2017. Hopefully this movie Fast and Furious 8 is not inferior to the previous films.

The role of Paul Walker as Brian O’Connor before his death in the middle of the production process Fast and Furious 7 is irreplaceable. For this reason, it replaces the character rumor brother Paul Walker does not seem right.

But it does not mean that Universal Studios will negate the narration of the character in the eighth movie Fast and the Furious. Producer Neal H. Moritz franchise recently explained in an interview that the action movie franchise speeding car was still going to put the character Brian O’Connor behind the wheel of both literally and figuratively.

Details and Cast Film Fast And Furious (2017)
Movie Genre: Action, Thrileer, Crime
The movie producer: Vin Diesel, Michael Fottrell, Chris Morgan, Neal H. Moritz
The film’s director: F. Gary Gray
Screenwriter: Gary Scott Thompson
Release Date: 14 April 2017
The production company: Original Film, Universal Film
Language movies: English
Movie Length: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs
Cody Walker as Jack O’Conner
Michelle Rodriguez as Toretto Ortis Lettie
Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce
Ludacris as Tej Parker

4 Benefits For Health Watch Horror Movies


Many people who like to watch horror movies because it can be adrenaline, bring fear and even horror. However, some do not like horror movies with reason do not like being scared.


Provided you know, other than to scare and entertain you, watch a horror movie has health benefits you know. Perhaps many people are not aware of and consider the horror film is just mere entertainment.

As reported Sooperboy, the following five benefits for health watch a horror movie. Therefore, be happy horror movie lovers, and be unfortunate for those who do not like it.

1. Burn calories

For those who have excessive calories in their bodies, watching a horror movie is one easy way to burn calories.

According to a study by the University of Westminster found that the adrenaline is racing for 90 minutes can burn up to 113 calories. Adrenaline is usually motivated when watching movies tense as the horror film genre. The pulse beat faster and blood pumping makes the body burn calories.

2. Good for the brain

when watching a horror movie, we will experience the emotional ups and downs. Conditions like these that will generate a good mood compounds in the brain, such as dopamine, glutamate, and serotonin.

3. Stimulating the adrenalin

As already mentioned, watch a horror movie can adrenaline in your body. Enthusiasm and emotional uncertainty helps to activate the adrenal glands to pump adrenaline through the body. Bursts of adrenaline will produce energy which can release compounds good mood maker.

4. Eliminate Stress

While horror movies can make you stressed because of the uncertainty of emotion, but in fact a horror movie can help you reduce the stress caused by the problems in real life.

Because of the horror film can be adrenaline, then it will give the effect of anesthesia on the body similar to the effects of drugs that can reduce stress and anxiety.

Service Stream Movies From Telkom IndiHome, Like What?


Before getting into Indonesia, Iflix which is a streaming movie service Asia and Hollywood is already showing up in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. And yesterday on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 this service has finally entered Indonesia through a partner company Telkom (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia).

Yes, Telkom is known to have established cooperative relationships with Iflix to deliver streaming movie service. With this partnership, the customers could obtain the services of Telkom IndiHome #internet cable Iflix to watch various movie titles online up to a total of 20,000 hours. So how did the services of Telkom IndiHome Iflix this? Here’s his review.


Promo mass iFlix

In this early period itself Telkom provides to customers IndiHome promo package Iflix 10-20 Mpbs to use free for 6 months. The use Iflix even longer that 18 months would be obtained by the customer IndiHome package of more than 30 Mbps speed.

According to VP Consumer and Sales Services Telkom Jemmy Confindo this opportunity should be used as much as possible by customers IndiHome because after the promo period is completed, the subscription price will be back to normal Iflix be Rp39,000. After signing up customers can access IndiHome Iflix of a maximum of 5 digital devices that can play #video . In addition to running on the network IndiHome, customers who have already registered can also access it from outside the network Iflix IndiHome.

While Just Happened to Customer IndiHome

According to Telkom’s Director of Consumer Services, Dian Iflix Rachmawan the launch event in Jakarta yesterday said that in cooperation with the customer IndiHome Iflix who can activate this service. But this is only the beginning of the launch where it is also possible Iflix will be extended to other partners. IndiHome own customers who have registered can use and watch movies streaming via network Iflix by accessing the first link

Flix Come, How fate of Netflix?

As we know that Telkom has blocked #layanan streaming Netflix a few months ago. But when similar services are received by Telkom Iflix then the question arises, how the fate of Netflix? Whether Telkom will unblock it for Netflix? To answer this question, the Director of Consumer Services PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) Dian Rachmawan respond to a request.

He stated that Telkom could unblock Netflix, but with the proviso that the streaming video service providers to cooperate with Telkom in the provision of services. More Dian stated that when the fate of Netflix were blocked when it was already unlucky fate. This is because Netflix when it comes to Indonesia no excuse and do not knock the door, even though Netflix is already over the top (OTT), which runs on top of the services (internet).

Excess Streaming Movies Iflix

Iflix itself is a streaming video service from Malaysia that has several advantages as it offers a wide range of movie titles series with a total airtime of up to 20,000 hours. In addition Iflix also has advantages on the security level for the consumption of all ages because of his films had escaped from tighter censorship in Malaysia.

Chief Executive Officer of iFlix Indonesia namely Cam Walker has said that his company is going to perform various adjustments to the content to be aired in Indonesia. Two things to be commercialized in may include sensors or curate content and subtitle Indonesian language.

Content that violates Withdrawal and Not Available

Although already escaped censorship in Malaysia, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) also promised to keep going to censor and secure the services of a variety of streaming video iFlix pornographic content. Treatment sensor made by Telkom itself will also refer to the rules and warning of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI).

So if there is content that does not comply it will immediately be withdrawn by warning of the IBC. But to be able to pull content considered to violate this should be done according to the procedure through KPI. So the withdrawal request made by individuals is not justified because it tends to be subjective.

Want to Watch Movies in Cinema Sense Smartphone? Note 4 Ways Here It


For one of the fans of the film, the cinema is always a favorite place to vent and main hobby. However, if the first cinema in the Mall is a place you must visit in order to watch a movie with a good sensation, then the current in the digital era, you have several options to watch cinema.

One way or the option to watch the movie theaters are using smart phones smartphone alias. Using a cell phone? It can? Although there will be exactly the same as the real feel of the cinema, but you can feel the sensation of watching it pretty well.


Watch Movies Streaming on Netflix Smartphone

As we all know that starting on January 6, 2016 yesterday, Netflix streaming movie services from the United States has entered into Indonesia. From here then go to the cinema with films box office and the best quality (High Definition) can be done with the media or other devices such as smartphones one of them.

With Netflix you can indeed could watch cinema quality movies using a variety of devices that can connect to the Internet. Then How to watch movies with the sense of cinema #smartphone on Netflix’s service? Here’s his review.

1. Note Screen

First thing to note in order to watch movies via smartphone sense of cinema is the screen. Well because the cinema watching a movie requires a sense of satisfaction that the phone screen is used must have a large size. The standard size for a movie can feel a sense of cinema in the phone is 5.5 inches.

With this standard size then you will be very comfortable when going to hold it, or will be put on the side of the house or in a place that is able to make the phone look standing. To watch the film a sense of cinema itself, the phone screen will greatly support when placed in a horizontal position.

With this position, the movies will look bigger and real as in the cinema. One more thing you should also remember that the size of the width of the phone is to be supported with the brightness and sharpness or resolution high enough.

2. Connect with 4G Network

His name is also watching a cinema-style then you might not encounter obstacles such as buffering when watching on YouTube. Well this is where the challenge you when you want to see a movie via a mobile phone with a sense of cinema. Then you should really make sure that the network #internet you do not slow or sluggish.

To reach this state you inevitably have to be connected to the network 4G long term evolution (LTE). Why should the 4G LTE network? Because only with this most recent network then you will be able to see the movie in the style of cinema without barriers (dashed alias buffering). In Indonesia alone 4G LTE network is already available in some areas. Therefore you do not need to worry if untouched this 4G network.

By utilizing 4G network then you can reach speeds of up to 72 megabite access per second. Mobile devices that already support this 4G network was already a lot. Therefore make sure your phone and mobile operator you use 4G has been based for the desire to watch movies via the phone can be realized.

3. Make sure the battery capacity is adequate

The average movie will spend 2-3 hours. So from here of course, the battery capacity of the mobile phone must support it. The most sensible thing to do to support a considerable time watching this nature is to perform the first battery to full charge.

But this will be useless if the phone battery capacity only slightly. So to be safe you are inevitably must provide a mobile phone with a battery capacity of the support. The battery that supports to see a movie alone is a battery with a capacity of 3070 mAh. With this battery then you’ve been able to provide standby power for a cell phone all day.

4. Note External devices

Recently a way to watch the film a sense of theater with mobile devices is by paying attention to the external device. Eksteral device intention here is like a loudspeaker. Yes, the better the sound produced mobile phone then increasingly felt also the feel when you watch the movie theaters via this phone.

7 Tips to The Movies


until now the cinema is still a pleasant place to be entertained. although pirated movies overflow sensation to movies (especially the 3d) can not be replaced. already more than a year I do not watch pirated movies, not because dissimulation idealists but because lazy to buy a dvd player and dvd quality is often poor.


of often watch a movie, I find unique things that are often done by moviegoers in Jakarta which should not be done. to watch more enjoyable, the following seven tips to the movies:

1. Have mtix card, if it does not have like me, be assured with what movie you watched since you left home. if not look for information by utilizing all existing media, including newspapers, web, social media or the most ancient way to ask a friend next to you.

so you do not have to wrestle with this question, given and decided to watch a movie in front of the booth. let alone to discuss with Ms. officers for advice, be assured they are not know.

2. Come timely. since the opening of the film in the first second is the best scene that has been chosen by the director. If you miss this moment, you will understand the overall story.

besides other spectators appreciate the focus watch. tardiness you are very disturbing because the motion you break the concentration of other spectators who really want to enjoy the entertainment.especially if in a dark room you have trouble finding the appropriate rows of seats you buy the ticket number.

3. do not order popcorn and other food in the cinema, let alone the second final ad. because your order will be delivered after the movie starts. let it roam hawkers offering wares to the chairs by the audience. if no one is buying, long side 21 will stop their trading strategies and looking for a more elegant way.

4. If you are coming in droves to the theaters, you should refrain from discussing the film is still in progress. lock it up and let each other member who spoke. voices, whispering quietly lizard on the wall would be very disturbing other groups or individuals, especially in a time like minutes.

5. For young parents, should not carry a baby or toddler into the movie theater. view of the trolley (?) or strollers are lined up on the right side (or left) of the screen is very disturbing view of the audience.not to mention if the infant or child does not like to sit still and roared for approximately two hours (except when sleeping). believe babies do not understand what her mother and father consider it cool.

6. Do not been a director oversleep. let the characters in the film intends corresponding character. do occasionally directing, advising leaders in the film verbally, although it might be an idea you more cool.Also never guess what will be done with the figures arguing with a friend or girlfriend who is on your side.

7. turn off the phone and save it in a bag during the screening of the film. the ringing of the telephone, sms alert or sound of other incoming messages are also rays of light from the screen of your mobile phone distract people in the door. cool xxi who have had applications that could make the room show no signal. hopefully soon be applied in all venues

The Popularity of Martial Arts Movies


Battling arts originated in East Asia more than 2,000 years ago. Because that time, an estimated 200 various approaches have actually been produced as well as are currently being exercised by an approximated one hundred million all over the world. The appeal of arts drastically boosted when arised in the mainstream movie industry. The general public’s understanding of martial arts has actually been shaped by flicks starring such legends as Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Chuck Norris Steven Seagal, as well as Jean Claude Van Damme.

Jackie Chan is an additional movie legend. He is best recognized for such movies as ‘Drunken Master,’ and several film buffs state it is among his finest movies. Released in 1978, the film ‘Drunken Master,’ brought Jackie right into the mainstream in Hong Kong. Integrating funny with his skills, this movie’s story is about a man who takes place a journey to find out the intoxicated master form to help save his teacher and his institution. Every one of the martial arts motion picture tales made the art of fighting styles amazing to view and it has influenced people to occupy the craft.

Popularity of Martial Arts Movies
When you see a dealing with arts motion picture, you get caught up in the action, martial arts methods, as well as interesting plot. Concerning 30 years ago, battling arts flick ended up being preferred in the West. Hollywood manufacturers took advantage of this category and also began making movies that concentrated on one character tackling a great deal of bad guys. As well, in the 1980’s the interest in martial arts raised when Hollywood released the flick, ‘The Karate Kid.’ which gained Golden Globe and also Academy Award nominations.

Fighting arts flicks are a currently a category unto themselves. They can be serious, extremely violent, jam-packed with action, emphasize justice and also morals, and also they can also be amusing. The battling scenes are a piece de resistance of these motion pictures and also motion picture producers tend to concentrate on making the battle scenes remarkable and also unforgettable which is why the category has such a devoted following.

Bruce Lee, a tale of his time, supplied a few of the best performances such as in the movie “Enter the Dragon,” Bruce Lee’s efficiency is impressive with captivating combating scenes. Today, Bruce Lee is thought about one of the most significant battling arts artist thought about ahead of his time. Jet Li is another inspiring movie star. His flicks, Kiss of the Dragon, Fearless, and also The Fist of Legend are legendary with unbelievable battle scenes. Too, Steven Seagal’s flicks made Aikido popular. His Aikido skills are remarkable as well as amazing to watch. Aikido, a Japanese fighting style, is one of the most preferred combating arts kinds and also thought about to be effective for protection.

Today, the Movie category has actually influenced numerous individuals to go to schools. Pupils soon understand that it takes years to understand the ability of battling arts. Whether you use up fighting styles or decide to see exciting motion pictures, it is constantly an exciting time.

This trick filming Titanic movie in the Central Atlantic Ocean


Titanic is a phenomenal film that is directed by James Cameron and diskenario. American production movie was made in 1997. The film is inspired by the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The story told in the film is about the love story of two people is between Jack and Rose (played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet). They are two different social status. Kate from a noble family, while Jack is a boy who is very poor. Genesis sinking of RMS Titanic actually happened on 15 april 1912.

James Cameron did not want to make a film that carelessly. From planning to the process of making all very calculated carefully. As we know that this film tells the story of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. So most of the film is set in place in the water. Then how they were formed so that seems so real?

Behind the Scenes Film Titanic

Many people wonder about how making this film. What made the ship which was then filmed completely crossed the Atlantic? Wow once surely, must shoot in cold waters and very risky. Before the production process of the film crew has been drafted in the studio. The film is sponsored by Paramount Pictures and 20h Century Fox, which cost very much. All objects from the Titanic made as closely and as detailed as possible to the furniture. The most important part, as already discussed above that is similar to the setting where the ocean is actually swimming in the studio that has been designed in such a way as to blind the effect is so real. Then where the studio was located?

The film was made in the studio named Baja. The studio area of 45 ha located in California, Mexico US. Studio Steel is built for epic movie Titanic directed by James Cameron. This place overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Studio studio meimilki Steel is the world’s largest water tank and is suitable for making a movie that uses the settings waters. There are many facilities that are already available to meet virtually any shooting needs such as offices, shops, sights, dressing room / wardrobe.


All the ingredients used in making this film is very detailed and almost all of them original. Although in the end the items that have been used are sold into a regular iron. So it is no wonder that the film has spent funds that are so spectacular. But despite that fact, not all the scenes in the film is carried by the players. There are some who use computerized techniques.

As in making the effect in this film using hydraulic machines that are connected directly to the ship’s hull are deliberately made in the Baja coast. With the help of a hydraulic machine is then effects the ship split in two and falling apart and create effects tilted up to six degrees. So there you have an idea of how the film was made.

Behind The Scene Titanic

That it did not use the actual place. The pool is used as a replica of the Atlantic ocean turns out it is only 0.9 meters. Ar temperatures used were not as cold as it was in the Atlantic Ocean. So, almost all of the production process in the film include said to be very difficult. Must be careful because there beberpa a scene that can only be done once.

The story of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny


Sword of Destiny FIlm long intervening eighteen years from the first film events. At least this information is obtained from the Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh), a warrior woman who already know of the film directed by Ang Lee, who finished the movie prequel.

Sword of Destiny opens with a sequence that is accompanied by a voice over Shu Lien, serves as a flashback and also tell us what the world wu xia, after the death of Li Mu Bai (played by Chow Yun-Fat in a movie in 2000).

Shu Lien told me that he was still living alone and solitude. In the middle of the boisterous world of martial, Shu Lien hopes that its existence is not heeded and he can enjoy life. But the great man and the Green Destiny Sword is mandated Li Mu Bai told him, too famous to not attract the attention of other warriors.

Shu Lien himself considered the great man, Li Mu Bai and the Green Destiny like a double-edged sword. On the one hand can be seen as a compliment, but Shu Lien himself think of it as a curse.

Unfortunately, similar things happen in this movie.

Sword of Destiny as receiving the “curse”, because it bears the name and great reputation Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, as a brand that is inherited Ang Lee.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Lee’s is a seminal work that has reached classic status. This film broke through boundaries and achieve recognition, both in terms of aesthetics, commercial, and criticism.

When released in 2000, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, is able to raise the degree of wuxia films and martial art before it tends to be regarded as the work of a class B (B-class movies). The film also broke the grip of martial art films that plural is used up to that point, where Lee opened almost 15 minutes of the first scene with the introduction of the characters and the story, rather than the scene tub-thump-bik fistfight.

Results achieved Lee through Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was already recorded in history. The movie earned 10 Oscar nominations in 2001, including Best Picture and Best Director, and managed to bring home four trophies. The film also manages to be a non-English language films grossing in the North American market, until now. The strength of this film is also able to inspire many filmmakers to make a movie of martial art with a similar approach.

Since then, a variety of films set in the world born wuxia films produced with artistic approaches and then gain status as a classic. Among them are Hero direction of Zhang Yimou; The landing Grandmaster Wong Kar Wai; or for The Assassins by director Hou Hsiao-Hsien.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon became the pioneer of a kung fu movie that explores the theme of humanity and love; presenting it in the wisdom and culture of Eastern exoticism; and issued a magical power behind the philosophical battle between warriors, all over the world.

Ironically, Sword of Destiny is precisely the antithesis prekuelnya. This film looks like a B-class direct-to-home entertainment movie which utilize brand Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as commercial allure.

Sword of Destiny is just what has been done to exploit Lee, as well as movie production looks set of filmmakers who are lazy innovate.