Benefits of Twitter as Social Media


Social media does have many benefits. Social media can connect us with others so that we can establish a relationship even if that person lives so far away createregisteraccount from us. This time we will discuss about social media twitter. What is it and what the benefits twitter twitter? Come see the explanation below.

Twitter is a website owned and operated by Twitter Inc., which offers a form of micro-blogging social network that allows users to send and read messages called tweets.


Term in Twitter


Understanding tweet is any GCC status update contains less than 140 characters. Tweet this when published will also be visible to others.


Retweet ie we continue (forward) tweet that we received at our timeline to our friends at Twitter. When you or anyone else to find something interesting you can download for later tampin retweets in timelines of people who follow you. abbreviated RT, means repeating, rewriting what was written someone, it could be because the words are beautiful.


Reply was a reply addressed to someone specific. Such as you want or say hello asks me specifically at Twitter.


Follow is to follow other Twitter users. Twitter users who follow the account will see all tweets terbari of users Twitter account that he participated on Timelinenya.

Direct message (DM)

Two-way personal messages between Twitter users to 140-character limit. Parties to the message sender can only send Direct Message on the side that has done to follow him. In addition, two Twitter users follow each other can send Direct Message.


Followers are Twitter users who follow us. Or that menfollow you. In a sense, that user has been added (add) you as a friend and will receive updates your Twitter status.


Following are the people we follow. By following someone then we will get the recent update of the person.

benefits Twitter

As Place of Business

By using twitter you can do business sale of goods or services that your field for free. Moreover twitter users ever-increasing numbers create jobs about wide open.

Can Mobilize period or Community

Imagine if there are hundreds of thousand people who memfollow or follow you on twitter, sometimes a Tweet Status can mobilize thousands of people to do something

share ideas

Twitter allows users to share ideas. If you get a retweet from another user, the message can also be seen on the profile page of the user doing the follower of the retweet.


Twitter can be used for a refreshing amid the fatigue of your work at the office, or to devote all your thoughts by posting a load via twitter.

media Propagation

Technological developments encourage proselytizing movement not only in action in the real world. The fact is the case today, the call does not only occur through conventional and traditional wasilah alone, but is already rife on wasilah more contemporary and modern.

Tip Get 3 Stars on Clash of Clans Clan War

Gadget, Game Online

Get 3 stars in Clan Wars is very proud because you can donate points to win for the Clash of Clans free gems hack . If you are still in TH 6 then good news for you, because in this 6 TH you can earn 3 stars easily.
6 TH COC strategy to get 3 stars in War
In order to earn 3 stars, you have to make sure some of these things are fulfilled.
3 Army Camp is already level 6
Ballon level 3
Wizzard level 3
Healing Spell level 2 or 3
Clan Castle level 2 or 3
Ok maybe you can already guess the type of attack that will be done, using a combination Balloon and Wizzard. This combination attacks can only get 3 stars if you attack the same level with TH TH you are level 6 or below.

To attack TH 7 you might be a bit difficult unless the enemy air defense put her on the outside of its base.

Ok just to strategy COC TH 6 attack 3 stars.

First select which enemy with my level TH TH 6, observe his base its view CC. Build troops to attack, to force composition see below:

I usually use:
21 Balloon
9 Wizzard
6 Archer
1 Barbarian to lure the enemy CC contents
2 Healing spell
CC and fill 3 or 4 Balloon least level 5 or 1 Naga least level 2
The initial step, fishing rod in CC enemy forces using Barbarian, if CC is located in, you can lure him by using 2 Balloon, then dribbles the enemy forces into the corner and finish with Archer and several Wizzard.
coc war get 3
Having exhausted the enemy forces, remove all the contents of Clan Castle Balloon and mu in the closest place to the Air Defense and Wizzard tower, remove 1 Healing Spell in Wizzard Tower enemy. Then remove it again a Healing Spell in the Wizard Tower else.

Strategi-COC-TH -6


Strategi-COC-TH -6

Having exhausted the enemy defense, remove all remaining Wizzard is spreading, remember to demolish buildings placed in the corner. Ok wait for the results, then you will earn 3 stars easily cheat coc hack gem online

Strategi-COC-TH -6


Strategi-COC-TH -6