Fabric Songket weaving Sukerare, traditional clothes typical of Lombok


Bali to gili trawangan by bluewater express ,The village Sukerare is a craft-producing village of Lombok’s famous songket weaving. The location is outside of the country, Jonggot Subdistrict, central Lombok. The journey to this village can be reached using public transport from Bertais to Praya and down when leading up to at Puyung. You can then proceed with the wear of the service taxi heading to Sukarara.

The village is about 25 km from the city of Mataram. It is recommended, when a visit to the village, we recommend using a private vehicle or Charter, given the public transport which is rarely to be found.


As it known earlier that Sukarara is the largest producer of songket centers in Lombok. This is already part of the commodity until it penetrated the market abroad. Songket weaving is a woven fabric that is made with the technique of adding yarn ornaments with feed from synthetic yarns colored in gold, silver, and other colors. The ornaments were inserted in between the warp threads. Sometimes the decoration can be either beads, shells, as well as coins.

Upon arrival at Sukarara, then visitors will be greeted by women dressed in the indigenous Sasak. They demonstrated their skills with alacrity in the weave. Some stores are usually present a spectacle of the techniques of songket weaving, it can be directly viewed by the visitors. The techniques are simple, traditional techniques still being practiced by craftsmen, i.e. ranging from yarn processing (using ballast that diputar-putar with the fingers of the hand, the ballast shaped like a top made of wood), into a piece of fabric that is colorful. Interested visitors can participate try to weave the sasak women like that.

The fabric is worn Songket as part of traditional Sasak outfit called Gastric Shirt (women’s clothes), the typical indigenous dress of Lombok with plain black motif with variations of subordinates, usually shaped scarves, belts or other accessories. While for men usually use songket as subordinate (custom shirt Tegodek Nongkeq couples) are arranged so that entertaining. and just look at the picture below, really pretty right when combined with a Hull shirt Fabric Songket this??

Woven fabric worked on average at home (home industry). Almost every House has its own tenunnya tools. However, the profession weavers just made by the sister, while the men worked as farmers in the rice fields. There is a unique tradition related to these women, songket wishing to marry are required to provide his own woven fabric to couples. If it has not been able to make woven songket, then women are not allowed to be married. However, when a desperate want to marry as well, then the woman will be subject to a fine. Fines can be either money nor crops of rice.

Motifs songket offered was very diverse, including chicken motif, motive, eight flower flower motif, motif of four begambar Gecko which is a symbol of luck, pakerot motif in the shape of a horizontal, colored violet trudak motif, and many more. Each motif has its own meaning.

To weave a fabric of Songket is required at least one week for the simple motive. The more complicated your motive the longer time required, can be up to many months. One fabric is on sale starting at the price of 300an thousand to 2 millions. Quite expensive indeed, but considering the materials, motifs, and time worked on, the price is quite reasonable. There are sizes ranging from kids to adults.

The village of Sukarara also produce ikat. Ikat material very simple i.e. made from cotton. Production time does not require a long time, Weaver a day enough to resolve the ikat throughout 3 m. Prices vary depending on the ikat dye his mantle, if made of chemical dyes then dibanderol from Rp. 100,000, whereas the fabric made from natural dyes then prices pegged dikisaran IDR 150,000.

For the price of weaving songketnya vary according to the size, difficulty level, and the raw materials used. Cheapest found price IDR 50,000 to small tablecloth size, whereas for a shawl, scarf, headband and can dibanderol price Rp. 100,000. Woven fabric combined with gold thread could be worth around Rp. 1.5 millions to Rp 2.5 millions.

The hardest thing of this weaving is determining the motive at the start, as seen on the tool is just a thread, yarn, and thread, and the thread again but when woven fabric can be patterned and colorful. It’s not that easy, of course.

Interesting Destinations For New Year Rarely Visited


Tips Here are some alternatives to Gili Trawangan water transport both from Bali or from Lombok

1. Pangkalpinang

The capital of Bangka Belitung province this is the right place to celebrate the New Year for several reasons: not overrun by tourists, and accommodation prices are relatively cheap, and a lot of fun activities that can be done. Ganggari fast boat you can go around to several beaches in the surrounding areas and local culinary hunt that arouse your appetite,


2. Brunei Darussalam

With the number of tourist arrivals just as much as 201,000 people throughout 2015, Brunei is one of the least visited countries in the world. Although that number is small, does not mean that Brunei had no charm. Starting from the stunning architecture of Islamic buildings to rainforest charming in Ulu Temburong National Park, Brunei actually have a lot of interesting things to see and do.

3. Balikpapan

The largest city in Kalimantan often only used as a tourist city transit before heading somewhere else, Derawan example. In fact, Balikpapan has so many attractions that can keep you busy for three full days. For the backpacker, Balikpapan is also quite friendly with lots of cheap availability of accommodation and public transportation systems that reach all tourist objects. Do not forget to enjoy its stunning sunset!

4. Timor Leste

In 2015 ago, there were only about 60,000 tourists who visit this country. In fact, East Timor, which was once part of Indonesia, has many beautiful beaches and hill with stunning views as well as hills and beaches in the area of Flores and Timor. Timor Leste is also very suitable for those who want adventure with friends or even alone.

5. Manado

Although the name began to fade along with the popularity of other areas in eastern Indonesia, but the charm of Manado never faded. You can explore the city by foot, to play to the museum, culinary delights and halal, or withdrew into Bunaken National Park. ‘ve Done it all? You can go to Tomohon or Bitung within just 1-2 hours drive.

Diving in the Thousand Islands Tourism


Places Travel Thousand Islands paradise for Diver , the Most Beautiful Places  Travel Attraction thousand islands are included in the Jakarta area, if you are familiar with travel packages lowest Tidung island of Tours, it’s time to learn more. Geographically located approximately 45 km north of Jakarta. Wildlife travel a thousand islands included in the sub-district administration of the thousand islands northern part. Best transfer from bali to gili island by fast boats

Which consists of three villages namely coconut island, the island of hope, grilled island. Its total area of approximately 107 ha .489. Consisting of sea waters and the second island (Island panjaliran Island panjaliran east and west) area of 39.50 ha. Thus the other islands totaling 108 was not included in the national parks thousand islands. In general, thousand


Thus the other islands totaling 108 was not included in the national parks thousand islands. In general, thousand island is divided into four parts of the region includes the islands of conservation, tourism island, the island’s history, and the island community empowerment. Because of differences in culture, each island is different both masarakat and indigenous culture. The island is an advanced center of attraction for the tourists is Tidung with a variety of natural beauty that is very charming.

Consisting of sea waters and the second island (Island panjaliran Island panjaliran east and west) area of 39.50 ha. Thus the other islands totaling 108 was not included in the national parks thousand islands. In general, thousand island is divided into four parts of the region includes the islands of conservation, tourism island, the island’s history, and the island community empowerment. Because of differences in culture, each island is different both masarakat and indigenous culture. The island is an advanced center of attraction for the tourists is Tidung with a variety of natural beauty that is very charming.

Consisting of sea waters and the second island (Island panjaliran Island panjaliran east and west) area of 39.50 ha. Thus the other islands totaling 108 was not included in the national parks thousand islands. In general, thousand island is divided into four parts of the region includes the islands of conservation, tourism island, the island’s history, and the island community empowerment. Because of differences in culture, each island is different both and indigenous culture. The island is an advanced center of attraction for the tourists is Tidung with a variety of natural beauty that is very charming.

Travel a thousand islands is already very well known in the country and abroad because of its natural are still very natural. Covering a variety of flora and fauna are still awake beautiful because guarded and protected by the Law Minister of Forestry of Indonesia. Keindahaan underwater world consisting of
a wide variety of fish species or diverse types of coral reefs, not less beautiful and fascinating of Bunaken marine park.

Thousand islands national park consists of shallow marine and small islands around it, we can see the island one of the other islands. The tourists will definitely be fascinated with views of the islands that line the middle of the sea with the waves are calm. With ocean depths of about 20-40 m vaguely visible diverse marine biota. That’s why the tourist paradise of a thousand islands called the divers in exploring beautiful coral reefs under the sea.

In general, the coral reef ecosystem in the Thousand Islands tourist spot shaped coral ledges (fringing reef) because grows and spreads began 1-20 m. Indirectly form of coral ledges can reduce the speed of the waves on the beach which can cause beach erosion.

Archipelagoes thousand topography is gently sloping (flat). With Ferguson and schmind climate (climate type A). The area is affected by two seasons in each year. West season between the months of January until February and east monsoon between July to August. So the Thousand Islands area is humid tropics. BMG noted that monthly rainfall in Jakarta and a thousand islands ranged 124,78mm in August, and 354.38 mm in January. So the average rainfall each year 3810.27 mm

Dishidros navy in 1986 to calculate the average wave height of sea water around the thousand islands area of between 0.5-1.5 meters in the west of the season, then east 0,5-1,0m season. Variation influenced wave height wind speed varied between one region to other regions. Because the location of a thousand islands that is right on the border waters of the open ocean. Certainly as we are proud to have an object Indonesia Tourism thousand islands. There is still much that can be done in addition to the island Tidung , let’s try it first.

Behind the story of Nusa Lembongan Island Exotic


Nusa Lembongan is just a small island located in the southeast of the island of Bali, which is administratively entered the district of Klungkung, along with two other small islands, Ceningan and Nusa Penida.


Barren island with the structure of scoot fast cruises review the white sandy coral beaches, home to about 4,000 inhabitants. The main livelihood of the local population are farmers, seaweed and tourism.The development of tourism on the island with a length of 4.6 kilometers and a width of 1-1.5 km it is very promising.

Foreign tourists continue to flow to the island if it is already saturated enjoy exotic travel in Bali. The island is located about 11 kilometers southeast of Bali that can be quickly reached by boat in just 30 minutes after the “war” against the ferocity of the Badung Strait.

About 30 journalists from Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara had felt the onslaught of swift currents and waves in the Badung Strait from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan Beach for training journalists organized by Bank Indonesia from December 5 to 7, 2014.

When landing on the beach of Nusa Lembongan, the first story that emerges from the journalists is a matter of toughness fast boat lunged and hit the sound waves in a high speed when crossing the Badung Strait that separates the island of Bali, island of Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan.

Nobody laughed with joy, others pleading smile that just shows that all the group reached the island destination safely. “I almost seasick so choose to sleep even if just by closing your eyes,” said Aloysius Tani of RRI Kupang, tells the journey of the sea for 30 minutes.

When all the group walked slowly toward the “Rock Resort” to rest while waiting for the opening ceremony by the Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia Region III Bali Bali Nusara Benny Siswanto, a group of journalists from NTT chose to discuss the figure of Nusa Lembongan.

The figure of the beach of Nusa Lembongan, not much different from the structure of the coral beach in Kota Kupang, capital of East Nusa Tenggara province. They were a bit stunned when I saw a beautiful and charming resort named “Rock Resort” was built on a rock ongokan.

Group of rocks that do not form it, as if conjured up by an investor from Australia to build the resort. The situation is then pushed the journalists of NTT was to discuss briefly about the figure of Nusa Lembongan.

“Why did our government (Kupang) was not able to present the investor to manage the coral coast into a tourist destination,” said Mathilde Dhiu Apolonia, a reporter of Pos Kupang.

“The government of Kupang need to conduct a comparative study in Nusa Lembongan in terms of tourism arrangement, how to exploit the existing potential into an attractive tourist destination,” added Agus Steel from a private radio station in Kupang in the discussion.

In view of Nia, such Apolonia Mathilde Dhiu called, the greatness of tourism management at the Nusa Lembongan, for their innovation and creativity of the local government in managing the coastal area to make it a tourist destination that tempt any traveler.

Kupang, which does not have attraction and only used as a transit point for foreign tourists to visit the various attractions on the island of Flores, Sumba, Rote and Alor, can take advantage of the potential of existing coral coast into a tourist area.

“Maybe that way, tourists longer survive in Kupang before enjoying the other attractions are scattered in various provinces of the archipelago,” said Ferdinand Talok of Daily Timor Express Kupang,

Nusa Lembongan only consists of two villages namely Lembongan Village and Village Jungubatu. Lembongan village in charge of six villages and 12 custom banjo, whose territory is located in Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Sixth hamlet support Lembongan Village is Hamlet Kawan, Kaja Kelod, Kangin, Ceningan Kawan and Ceningan Kangin.

Lembongan Village has a number of attractions that attract tourists such as white sandy beaches, natural caves and man-made unique, sea cliffs challenging, and marshes full of mystery.

Some beaches tempting travelers in Lembongan Village include Cape Coast Trance, Dream Beach, Selagimpak, Selambung, Sunset Beach, Pemalikan, and Lebaoh (central beach seaweed).

Another tourist attraction is the House Underground (Underground House) Gala-gala, Goa Batu Melawang Swallow’s Nest, Art Shop Center Buanyaran, Swamps Pegadungan and romantic locations Kolong Pandan Sunset Park.

Bali is known as one of the best tourist islands in the world so that the world’s travelers call it “The Best Exotic Destination”. Because of the variety of beautiful places in Bali developed into tourist attractions.

One of the new tourist area that is now widely known is the beauty of Nusa Lembongan.Although only a small island, Nusa Lembongan capable of presenting a wide range of recreational facilities. On the island are nearly coincident with Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan, it has become clear that the sea nan toy arena rating.

The island is very well known by surfers (surfers) and divers world, because it has a variety of exotic coral reefs and diving arena alluring.

Nusa Lembongan not only has the “Rock Resort”, but there are also Lembongan Beach Club and Resort, Lembongan Sunset Coin, NusaBay By Lembongan, Lembongan Cliff Villas, Lembongan Island Beach Villas, Poh Manis Lembongan, Nunuks Lembongan Bongalows and The Well House Lembongan Island ,

All of the resorts and bungalows are built on top of a pile of rock creeping along the coast of the island. The investors in the tourism sector to be very interested to develop the island as one of the alternatives to accommodate tourists who travel eksostik saturated enjoy on the island of Bali.

“Had heaps of coral along the coast of Kota Kupang is well managed, it is not impossible Kupang be one of the attractions of tourists to enjoy the beach. Now only the innovation and creativity of the local government, how efforts to promote tourism in this area, “said Nia in soft tones while leaving Nusa Lembongan toward Sanur, Bali.

Natural Beauty From Underwater Gili Nanggu


Lombok has many charming beach ready to captivate travelers, just call Gili Trawangan, Kuta Beach or Pantai Tanjung Aan. Everything has absorbed the attention of tourists and it is not likely you can enjoy the beautiful coast of Lombok including hidden deserted as if it bali to gili islands belonged to himself. Gili Nanggu is one that is able to realize it.


Gili Nanggu located in Lombok Strait or on the west coast of the island of Lombok. Administratively, the island is located in the District of Sekotong, West Lombok regency. To achieve Gili Nanggu quite easy. From Mataram, you can go to the Sheet Harbour, which is about 27 km, with the vehicle and then by boat or speedboat for 35 to 45 minutes. Speedboat rental price of Rp. 350,000 for five passengers, this boat rentals can be booked at any time, because there is no public transport ship Gili Nanggu considering the location which is a private island.

Gili Nanggu is one of the islands on the western side of the island of Lombok.Some of the other islands of Gili Gili Kendis and Sindak. Island with an area of 12.5 ha is managed with the concept of forest / virgin island. So we can be sure that this island still has a natural and beautiful nature. You also will not find hawkers here, and the atmosphere is like being on a private island.

Just like Gili Trawangan, Gili Nanggu there are beautiful beaches with a stretch of white sand and the sea is blue. Serene natural atmosphere, make this island the right choice for couples who want a honeymoon. Sunset is the most beautiful moment in the island area of about 8 hectares.

Gili Nanggu has a beautiful sea garden unbelievably beautiful, with coral reefs is still maintained complete with a variety of beautiful fish. Gili Nanggu has two points snorkeling, on the eastern side of the island which is a beautiful fish congregate. While on the south side has a beautiful coral reefs are colorful.

For those of you who want to linger or want to be alone in Gili Nanggu need not feel worried. Because, on this island has provided modern accommodation facilities. In addition to having a diverse selection of accommodation, the resort is also equipped with various facilities, ranging from watersports rides, jogging tracks, diving or snorkeling equipment that can be used by all travelers.

Just a few meters from the beach, you can see colorful fish directly dancing in the shallow sea floor. Voice singing birds accompany you embrace the sun rises and sets, create a romantic atmosphere that is hard to find on other islands.

Unique Pink Beach – East Lombok



The beach is highly recommended for backpackers or traveler and tourists who wanted to visit Lombok. “Pink” beach Lombok, this can be your favorite destination for a holiday with your family, friends or relatives

Unique Pink Beach – East Lombok

The location of the
Beach Tangsi or Pink Beach is located in the village of Sekaroh, district Jerowaru, East Lombok Regency, the city of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. To reach gili cat review the coast of Pink, tourists can go through the route from Mataram city to the beach of Tanjung Ringgit due to its location. The damaged streets and perforated make travelers took about a 2 hour drive to get there. The entrance to the beach, there are at 1 km before travelers entered the Cape Ringgit, or before arriving at the entrance of the Beach the Ringgit, will be seen on the sidewalk of a street sign that reads ‘ PINK BEACH 50 m. ”

The activity of the
Tourists who come to the Pink Beach can do a lot of activities, especially water-related activities such as: snorkeling, fishing, and diving. For snorkeling tourists must bring own supplies, because no one rents out equipment. In addition, tourists can also hire fishing boats to surround a cluster of small islands located just 2 km from the beach and not far from the neighborhood beach, tourists can explore the cave relics of Japan.

Travelers will not find full facilities and super luxurious like the beach in General. You will only find fishermen who offered a boat to circumnavigate small islands and some of the people who offer drinks and no lodging. Therefore, it is recommended you island in the afternoon to return to the Inn.

The way to the beach of Pink:
Site Pantai Tangsi/Pink Beach pretty far from Mataram city, so it takes about two hours to get to this location. His route is exactly the same as a route to Tanjung Ringgit, because it is the location of both adjacent. Only, the entrance of the beach Tangsi is about 1 Km before Tanjung Ringgit. Note there is writing on the side of the road “PINK Beach 50 meters”, from there you can just walk to the location of the Pink Beach of Lombok.