7 Tips to The Movies


until now the cinema is still a pleasant place to be entertained. although pirated movies overflow sensation to movies (especially the 3d) can not be replaced. already more than a year I do not watch pirated movies, not because dissimulation idealists but because lazy to buy a dvd player and dvd quality is often poor.


of often watch a movie, I find unique things that are often done by moviegoers in Jakarta which should not be done. to watch more enjoyable, the following seven tips to the movies:

1. Have mtix card, if it does not have like me, be assured with what movie you watched since you left home. if not look for information by utilizing all existing media, including newspapers, web, social media or the most ancient way to ask a friend next to you.

so you do not have to wrestle with this question, given and decided to watch a movie in front of the booth. let alone to discuss with Ms. officers for advice, be assured they are not know.

2. Come timely. since the opening of the film in the first second is the best scene that has been chosen by the director. If you miss this moment, you will understand the overall story.

besides other spectators appreciate the focus watch. tardiness you are very disturbing because the motion you break the concentration of other spectators who really want to enjoy the entertainment.especially if in a dark room you have trouble finding the appropriate rows of seats you buy the ticket number.

3. do not order popcorn and other food in the cinema, let alone the second final ad. because your order will be delivered after the movie starts. let it roam hawkers offering wares to the chairs by the audience. if no one is buying, long side 21 will stop their trading strategies and looking for a more elegant way.

4. If you are coming in droves to the theaters, you should refrain from discussing the film is still in progress. lock it up and let each other member who spoke. voices, whispering quietly lizard on the wall would be very disturbing other groups or individuals, especially in a time like minutes.

5. For young parents, should not carry a baby or toddler into the movie theater. view of the trolley (?) or strollers are lined up on the right side (or left) of the screen is very disturbing view of the audience.not to mention if the infant or child does not like to sit still and roared for approximately two hours (except when sleeping). believe babies do not understand what her mother and father consider it cool.

6. Do not been a director oversleep. let the characters in the film intends corresponding character. do occasionally directing, advising leaders in the film verbally, although it might be an idea you more cool.Also never guess what will be done with the figures arguing with a friend or girlfriend who is on your side.

7. turn off the phone and save it in a bag during the screening of the film. the ringing of the telephone, sms alert or sound of other incoming messages are also rays of light from the screen of your mobile phone distract people in the door. cool xxi who have had applications that could make the room show no signal. hopefully soon be applied in all venues

The saltwater lake and mangrove forests in Gili Meno

Gili Meno is a Small Island located in the village of Gili Indah, District Winner, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Provensi. Gili is one of a cluster of gili getaway three small islands in North Lombok regency. The natural beauty in Gili Meno is also not much different from the panorama in most of the tourist attractions in Lombok.
Clean beaches with white sand and clear water graded to green and blue. Maybe this is the ideal place to pass the honeymoon for couples who want to feel romantic life. Because in Gili Meno like Gili Trawangan is not crowded and full of local tourists and foreign countries. Amenities complete enough to enjoy sightseeing in all over the island. Nature here is amazing because save the beauty, tranquility, peace to visit and feel comfortable to be enjoyed.
IN Gili Meno lake Brine (Salt Lake) and Mangrove (Mongrove Forest) is located in the center of the island, Gili Meno we can find a suitable one.The location ecotourism travelers a choice to spend the day at Gili Meno good to explore Mangrove and enjoy the twilight hue on Lake Brine.
Brine lake surrounded by mangrove forest has an area of about six hectares. With mangrove forests, tourists can see different species of birds that fly freely over the lake or were perched on the trees in mangrove areas. In addition to enjoying the beautiful strains of birdsong in the ecotourism area, tourists can also explore the mangrove forests. Already prepared the path which divides most of mangrove forests so that we can enjoy the shade of trees. Even if we continue to follow the path already exists we can directly reach the beach which is located on the west of the island.
Brine Lake area is visited by tourists during the twilight dawning. They came because they want to enjoy the view of the sunset from the salt water lake. Indeed, from this location we can see clearly when the sun goes down, an orange sun at dusk diffused water lake provides a blend of very beautiful and love to pass.
To enjoy the sunset, tourists already provided the means to sit like a small gazebo. There are three gazebo are deployed at three points around the saltwater lake. Similarly, we will also not uncommon to find some locals were fishing on the lake. In addition, local residents also use the lake as a Brine salt production.