Deadpool: super hero film


Deadpool is a Marvel superhero film of which incorporate elements of noble qualities that usually are exaggerated in movies like this, but with a bit of an eccentric element which is still under control.
This is a movie that is flamboyant, no more than entertainment with a unique synthetic dark comedy.


The main character, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), costume-like imitations costume Spider-Man, but you can see it Rada dirty clothes, and his behavior worse. As Wade spoke (or less could be seen throughout the film), she sounded like Jim Carrey 20 years ago – as a combined figure of Ace Ventura and The Mask is cute and happy to work on people – combined with stubbornness and smartass like a character in the show Comedy Central Celebrity Roast, plus a bit of style gangsta rap.

One person is equivalent to a force big mouth had uttered obscene banter undue Rada written here, but also smart at the same time.
Deadpool super-powered, but is he a hero? ”
Before sentencing criminals to beat them, he time-sempatnya said, “I will treat you like what was done by Limp Bizkit to the music scene in the late 90’s.”

Audiences not only respect the intelligence of this sharp dialogue, but also an accurate assessment of the world of pop culture. As a former assassin in the American army, Wade is a wounded, eccentric even a little crazy – not the type of character that you might imagine would be played by Ryan Reynolds sympathetic.
But Reynolds, who has been widely used – badly – the super hero genre film, ready for a role like that again without making a similar mistake.

In the movie Green Lantern he made the mistake of appearing at all far from cool, but Deadpool he throws a barrage of babble in a manner as if no matter whether he is alive or dead, and also with a glimpse of the attitude of nihilism that he show such contagious. It displays a character by acting as disregard whether he believes to be the truth or not.

Behind the mask

In the story of fantasy superheroes, there is a tradition that combines figures -Hulk good and evil, Joker – who find the physical and spiritual strength when they are in pain; their patron saint is probably the Phantom of the Opera.

In Deadpool, Wade joined a group of strange people who got the power of the dark side of them, but that makes it more than just a dark figure shiny polished comic world is this film is not just a cosmetic displays for torture must be lived.

Overview torture it really makes the audience can feel his pain. Even before the switchover, Wade is already a grim figure temperamental. He went out with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), which is commensurate with his position, and they are involved in a romance – which is probably the first time in the history of film – in which sadomasochistic sexual behavior appear sympathetic.
He also continued to make character Deadpool “hit the fourth wall”: not only with technical talk directly to the audience but also to mock the other Marvel movies. “

Baccarin sexy managed to bring the spirit of love which is typically invisible in a superhero movie. When the ideal relationship is interrupted by the arrival of the diagnosis of lung cancer suffered by Wade, we can feel like a curse that comes to him.

With no more left, Wade joined the program superheroes ‘mutant’ underground that can promise a cure illness and gave him strength. Requirement? He must pass through torment the damned. Leadership is a sadistic experiment Ajax (Ed Skrein), which continues to create new kinds of physical torture, the body Wade, in response, will choose between “mutate or die”.

This creepy scenes that give a touch Deadpool movie horror beneath the surface that is full of humor. Wade survived, with a body that can not be hurt but also with facial injuries which makes it look like child care character Freddy Krueger from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street.

Its strength is super, but if Deadpool hero? He was recruited by two members of the X-Men, but had no desire to join them.And sukurlah he chose so! Deadpool is the original story that was not too heavy and the main reason is because Wade did not have an agenda to save the world. He just wants to chase Ajax, forcing him to fix his face, and possibly kill him.

The film’s director, Tim Miller – who directed the first new – featuring stylish opening credits like humor magazine Mad one example, “Directed by equipment that is Too Expensive” – and he uses soft rock music that is quite surprising from Wham! and Peter Cetera to accompany slow-motion scenes. He also continued to make character Deadpool “hit the fourth wall”: not only with technical talk directly to the audience but also to mock the other Marvel movies.When Deadpool to war, his chosen weapon is a ninja sword that he used to cut up the villain, and he was quite frank about what he does.

It’s not just the fight against crime, but also murder. Shortage of films whose contents merely a matter of revenge it is, feels the lack of risk of betting the hero. Deadpool managed to invite the audience to see the trauma brought Wade but then we drove by the eccentric attitude. Atmosphere cynical film was finally as saying he was not a hero as we dream, but he is a decent person we get.

Benefits Lemon for Weight Loss


To get the ideal body weight, usually womenfolk will share how to lose weight to get a slim body. But how wrong diet will certainly be bad for health. A good diet is not to eat less but to reduce the portion / number of eating, and coupled with regular exercise.

lemon for diet

Oval-shaped fruit that has a yellow color and taste sweet-sour keasam this, not only used in the food industry. Because the content of nutrients in lemon fruit very much, it is no wonder if the lemon plays an important role in the field of beauty and health fields. The content of vitamin C is very high in lemons, can significantly help reduce fat in the body.

Quoted from girlslovestyle, just by running the lemon juice diet for a week can lose weight by two kilograms. Intrigued by the way, refer directly yuukk menu tips below.
See also how to lose weight the other

How to Lose Weight with Lemon Full breakfast menu selection week

  1. Combine lemon juice in 150 warm water, add honey if necessary.
  2. The poached eggs
  3. Bread wheat

The first day
Lunch: 1 boiled egg – 50 grams of cucumbers – watercress and yogurt 150 ml
Snack: yogurt plus lemon juice
Dinner: pasta / spaghetti 200 grams, should only be added chicken breast / boiled mushroom sauce and 1 tsp.

The second day
Lunch: 1 carrot sized fruit, 5 tablespoons of rice, 50 grams sauteed onions, lemon juice 1 cup.
Snack: yogurt plus lemon juice
Dinner: boiled chicken breast 100 grams, 100 grams of raw chopped cabbage, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, 1 glass of lemon water.

The third day
Lunch: boiled chicken breast 100 grams, 150 grams of boiled potatoes
Snack: yogurt plus lemon juice
Dinner: 1 piece of boiled potatoes, boiled carrots 1 piece, 100 grams of boiled chicken breast

The fourth day
Lunch: boiled potatoes 1 fruit, 1 tablespoon yogurt, smoked fish / grilled 100 gram
Snack: yogurt plus lemon juice
Dinner: grilled tuna, tomatoes, roughly chopped 1 fruit, 1 slice cheddar cheese, 1 cup lemon juice

Fifth day
Lunch: 150 grams of pasta, served with a poached duck breast pieces, black pepper and 1 tablespoon sauce.
Snack: yogurt plus lemon juice
Dinner: boiled potatoes 1 fruit, 1 slice cheddar cheese, grilled salmon 200 grams
for the sixth and seventh day menu you can choose from the menu above 5 days, repeated.


How this diet should not be done in the long term, at least a month should only be done one week only so that the result is effective and the body does not lack the intake of other nutrients.This information about the benefits of lemon juice to your diet, see also shrink perutsemoga how useful and good luck.

Transformers 5: First image of shooting in Cuba



The process of shooting the film ‘Transformers 5’ began in Cuba. Now we can see the first image from the set. And how it could be otherwise, with one of the vehicles that will appear in the film directed by Michael Bay. On this occasion a beautiful classic car of the 1950s that season the streets of Havana.

The process of shooting the film ‘Transformers 5’ just started officially in Cuba, particularly in Havana. As it happened recently with the film ‘Fast and Furious 8’, complete with Vin Diesel starring along with much of the cast of the series. In the case of ‘Transformers 5’ full cast for now was not revealed officially, but surely we will see interesting previous deliveries of the same returns.

Now within the Autobots can see also, in addition to powerful vehicles of last generation, Super classic American cars of the 1950s. An unmistakable brand of the streets of Havana.

The first image was posted by own Michael Bay in his account of Instagram. Everything for a cast in which by now were confirmed names like Wahlberg as Cade Yeager, Josh Duhamel as Lieutenant William Lennox (returning after losing the action of the fourth film in the series), as well as the actress Isabela Moner, now located as the female protagonist of the film.

Last year Hasbro and Paramount announced that they would continue their successful franchise Transformers movie with up to four movies. Already programmed within your production schedule. In addition the study and the toy firm betting strong franchise, with a budget of more than $ 275 million for the production, directed by Michael Bay.

By now ‘Transformers 5’ is the latest installment of the blockbuster franchise in which filmmaker Michael Bay will serve as director. It remains to be seen if that assumption is finally confirmed.

All in order to continue making the Transformers saga, with a great global collection which already has collected more than 3,800 million dollars worldwide since its inception in 2007.


Download Clash of Kings for Iphone

Game Online

Clash of Kings for iPhone

Here on this page we will try to explain how to download Clash of Kings for Iphone. As we all know, Clash of Kings is the new and popular strategy games massive online developed by Elex Wireless developer other games as famous as Battle Alert: War of Tank or Happy Farm:Candy Day.

Clash of Kings features

The Clash of Kings game is about collecting resources such as gold, wood and food and starting from that, build buildings, defenses, and play units to defend your Empire from attacks enemies and defeat them with the help of your allies, at the same time, will completing the game options and moving up in ranking.

In Clash of Kings for Iphone will be a real challenge to make progress to your Empire as you raise ranking, so it will be difficult you get bored of the game, since socially you will connect with people from all over the world for the sole purpose of defeating your enemies together with your allies.

The main feature of the game is that it is free, you’ll have hours of fun without cost guaranteed, fortunately there is the version of this game for IOS, Iphone platform or Ipad, so what are you waiting to try this game if you have an IOS device, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to link your account if you are going to play with several different devices.

Also, get access to constant updates from the developer that will provide you new options for game and new features to exploit and make your experience “in game” more enriching.


If your playing style are strategy games, as we have mentioned we recommend what may be the best clash of kings hack tool help you to war strategy game today as it is a Clash of Kings, since it will give you what have not provided you games like Age of Empires, which is massively play online against players from all over the world.

Why these 5 remakes not able to overcome the original films?


5 remakes not able to overcome the original films

We are in the golden age of remakes, prequels, sequels, spin-offs, mashups and anything that means cling to a concept, idea, character or history already known. That doesn’t have to be as bad as many paint it, but is not completely good. The film is, in a way, a modern form of Fables and these passed generation to generation without being exaggerated, decreased or altered in some way along the road.

If someone wants to get their hands on history should make it from scratch and by their own means. Although sometimes this gives us real pieces to see again and again, in the case of the works mentioned in the following list as we could consider them unnecessary remakes.

Planet Of The Apes (2001): A story without weight

Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton, Paul Giamatti, Djimon Hounsou… Each and every one of them shine with their own light in their careers. Having them together should be synonymous with greatness… well, less than a considerable success in artistic terms. Not only the end of the movie is disconcerting, but also some of the secondary stories that seem to be forgotten in the midst of some other history nor going anywhere.

Perhaps so much makeup has prevented the expressions of each actor could better appreciate and that would have put some positive point on the scale in which the few salvageable things are respect with the Burton played the history and music of the magnificent Danny Elfman.

Godzilla (1998): It does not have the spirit of the original Monster

One of the ten grossing films of the year 1998 is, unfortunately, a bad remake of this classic difficult to adapt.

Director Roland Emmerich gave us one film more action without heart. Godzilla is somehow synonymous with Japanese kaiju culture, and see this specimen so far from its roots and natural scenery is already a challenge that brings problems by itself.

The premiere in Japan, several Japanese stars were invited to the event, including some who participated in productions made by Toho, the Japanese creator character study. Kenpachiro Satsuma one of the players who took part in the productions of Toho stated with respect to the American remake that “it is not Godzilla, does not have his spirit”.

What if Rebozo spirit was the soundtrack of this film, in which there are jewels like Puff Daddy, Heroes of Bowie versioned by The Wallflowers and Jamiroquai Deeper Underground Come With Me.

Total Recall (2012): the same but without Schwarzenegger? Let’s go!

This classic from the 90’s action is one of those movies that helped Arnold Schwarzenegger to become large figure which is today. It is based on the short history of Philip K. Dick, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.

Let’s be honest, this remake is perhaps not completely terrible if we consider it purely as a visually-striking action film, the problem is that there are stories of science fiction whose impact can not replicate 20 years later, and is not for artistic involved capacity, is because simply the world has changed a lot to interest as many times in the same ointment.

And worse still, this version lacks completely of satire and black humor that made its predecessor one of the emblematic movies of the genre just to see the light.

Psycho (1998): A soulless copy

This is perhaps one of the least necessary works in the history of cinema. This is not lightly, because speaking of movies that should not exist, the list is full.

This version of Pyscho problem is not trying something impossible, such as improving the work of the genius of Alfred Hitchcock suspense, because we know that this is impossible. The problem is that this version of Gus Van Sant is a replica of the original. Van Sant, who is a fantastic director, decided to copy the Hitchcock tape frame-by-frame. The Edition tries to be equal, the script is basically the same.

More than a remake, is a faithful copy of what had been done almost 40 years ago with great extio.

You bates Motel, the series that functions as a prequel to Psycho, it was a clever way to take advantage of a story and expand your universe a way logical and respectful. Unfortunately, Van Sant did not achieve something similar.

House of Wax (2005): without the essence of classic horror movies

Vincent Price starred in the original version some 50 years earlier. In this century played the controversial Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray the task of giving new life to the story of a sculptor who wants to reconstruct the destroyed Museum filling it with sculptures made with corpses of their victims.

The plot of the remake? A group of guys gets stranded near a wax museum that awaits them death to eliminate them one by one, always starting with the less lucky physically, is clear.

Far is that film of terror that made use of stories, performances, music and photography to instill fear.

Best Strategy for battle decks in Clash Royale

Game Online

Clash Royale Battle Deck

Once he has left Clash Royale for iOS and Android we are going to teach as attack and defend within the game so we can raise glasses, get all the cards quickly and to become a TOP player. For this purpose are born Clash Royale battle harnesses on guidelines, we will do a series of guides explaining different combinations and how to use them.

Clash Royale Battle Deck

This time we have chosen letters that combine well and which will come to realize some interesting battles. It is important to think about the attack and defense, two things are important. Deck Clash Battle Royale consist of the following cards:

  • Mirror: This letter to be able to take the letter above pitch will use when we hurry in defense and we need more support from Archers for example, or also can be used to launch a surprise offensive with two Hog Rider at a time (to be an attack that almost no one expected).
  • Baby Dragon: This letter is very good to defend, because it makes splash damage but don’t have much. To this letter to defend we will have to help in the Archers. Baby Dragon will be weakening troops and absorbing the damage while the Archers are destroying other troops without that nothing shot.
  • Fireball: This letter we’ll use when we come too many troops and we don’t have anything that can stop them, the fireball to pull most of the troops will fall. Except those that have much life but will give us a bit of time due to the recoil that it exerts on the troops.
  • Barbarians: Barbarians will serve both for attack and defense, the barbarians are very good defending letters have much life as the Hog Rider, Giant, etc. To attack if you cast with the Barbarians troops as Hog Rider you can reach to topple the tower.
  • Archers: These Archers will be very useful in defense as mentioned above, but they are also good in attack to have enough damage. Release the Archers behind behind Hog Rider, this light layer will absorb the damage of the Tower while the Archers will attack directly the tower.
  • Hog Rider: This letter is the star of our harness, it will be going to carry out the majority of the offensive, but we will have to be careful to not get distracted, since it will distract with all kinds of defensive buildings.
  • Lighting: This will be the letter that will be used to destroy letters of defensive buildings which the enemy we place in front of its towers. To have much life kill much of the life of these defensive cards.
  • Tesla: This will be our extra defensive building that we will always put right in the middle of our side of battle. Will defend us of all the troops enemy so will be there to help distract and reduce life to the troops enemy, in the case that we attack with troops of much life will give us a little time.

Battle Clash Royale

First, we have to take into account as a battle at Clash Royale is structured.

  • The result may be a win, loss or tie.
  • The battle will last at most four minutes. Those four-minute three of them will split normal and the discount will be sudden death where the first that destroy a tower will be who will win (in case that the three first minutes run out in draw)
  • The last two minutes of starting the production of elixir will double

When you start the battle the first thing we have to do is wait that our elixir bar to fill to the maximum when you are done, wait to see if our enemy released a letter, if we see that it does not have two ways to begin. The first one will be to put the tesla in half of our side if he has left us at the beginning, the second will go releasing troops costing little elixir and go structuring our attack. We don’t have to go crazy by releasing letters because but we’ll stay out of cards or elixir to defend ourselves. As we know each person can have a different harness so the first second we look at the cards of the opponent and letters that can be finished with ours, to not go stumbling more than once with the same stone. What if that we will ever do is to put the tesla in that out that will help to distract the letters enemy and will give us a little more than time that may be essential. The tesla will not make miracles have to assist in the defense and try to go to the counter attack.

With which attacks us, we will know that your letters will distract so release a Baby Dragon with an Archers to defend ourselves and if we are lucky we can attack with these same troops if they have not killed them, the only thing we have to do is drop a Hog Rider along with the Baby Dragon and the Archers. The Tower be distracted with the Dragon while the Hog Rider and the Archers are responsible for weakening the tower to pleasure. Once have killed our troops to have the Charter mirror will be able to try to make another attack with Hog Rider but it is not recommended because now if you have elixir to defend themselves, and we will lose a valuable elixir for our defense.

Prepare to defend ourselves and the first thing we will do will be to place another Tesla, it is quite possible that the enemy have a Hog Rider to be one of the most widely used Clash Royale cards, the Tesla will oblige Hog Rider to navigate to where is the Tesla in what shoot you our two towers. Although not needed we can release barbarians to make sure the defense that these will serve us then to go back to the attack by releasing only a few Archers behind.

Once we have destroyed its Tower you can do two things. The first will be to defend ourselves as we can to make it not lay us the tower and thus win the game, or we go for another tower to make sure the game although the latter will have its drawback since they may lie our Tower. If pull us our Tower we will have to go for his second tower to force, so we’ll have to launch troops as soon as we lose our Tower, since we will depart with a slight advantage of elixir and we must take advantage of it. While the troops that we have used to defend progress we make a small RAID on the side of the Tower enemy exactly as we have it with the other. In this we can clear a little road Hog Rider while we take life to the tower as well as the Hog Rider throwing a Fireball or lightning.

We have to take into account that the first destroying a tower will have a slight advantage, but it must also be said that Clash Royale the same thing that you are suddenly gaining going missing so no inattention.

If you have any of the cards in this deck you can see them in see all Clash Royale cards. Remember to visit other guides in clash royale free gems guides and tricks Clash Royale to keep improving the game. Share with us all your suggestions or questions through the comments on the web.

The worst Superhero costumes on the big screen


The worst superhero costumes

Although we are not the sympathetic Edna Mode from The Incredible, a superhero has to have at least one decent outfit, that does not make him embarrassed in front of all his fans. However, some film costume designers leave to your imagination to the detriment of the hero, and this is how we ended up seeing them ridiculously dresses. Thus, we introduce the worst costumes for superheroes on the big screen.

Green Lantern

This would have perhaps been a problem easily solved if the filmmakers had not taken the simple route and had made a real outfit that Ryan Reynolds used in the film, rather than the mesh for motion capture that it was then replaced by a CGI that looked so uncomfortable as surely would be if it did exist in real life.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Those who designed the costumes for Quicksilver (Evan Peters) in this upcoming possibly took more than one source of inspiration, although Doc Brown comes to mind more than any other example. There are no major drawbacks with a heavy leather suit, but Quicksilver would have to use something more streamlined to be able to move so fast. And perhaps reduce the amount of accessories by 75%.


Although we know that Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) is blind, there is no excuse for doing this acting a full body suit, designed in red leather that, again, only hamper the movements, you would more likely to damage by fire or water, and obviously would be very difficult to help a man with his disability. What was the problem with the sporty bodysuit of comics?


Silk Spectre (Malin Åkerman) is a superheroes with courage running you by blood, but with the curse of being the carrier of an outfit so tight to the body, which would possibly cut him the movement if it were real. Itself, the whole looks like the ideal dream of some bees and plastic fan, not an effective costume for a superhero who constantly has to be exposed to fire, with a potentially flammable robe.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Let us remember that Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) was an ordinary young man in this reboot, so it is not understood how to created a very uniform in a short period of time (with the exception of the mechanical launches web, in that believe you), and more if this seems to be made with the brightest of the plastic sheeting. It is obviously designed to cover to double and recreate in CGI, but forgot to look at least somewhat credible.

Marvel Contest of Champions best tips and tricks

Game Online

Marvel Contest of Champions Tips

For as long as most of us can remember, the fight game has been a main current portion of video games. Before line shooters such as Advanced Call of Duty first-person war and adventure games like Assassin’s Creed: Unit, there was Street Fighter and Mortal Combat. The iPhone has a fighting game with popular themes of his own: Marvel Contest of Champions.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game that combines two things that people want. As a Marvel game, there are more superheroes in the first 15 minutes of Marvel Contest of Champions than even a Marvel summer cinema. Second, players can pick up their favorite superhero to build a team capable of making fall the hardest of bosses and other players online.

This is what you need know about Marvel Contest of Champions before diving and some tips and tricks once it has begun the construction of your large team of super heroes and villains.

Marvel Contest of Champions tips and tricks – master Combos

If you have ever played a game on your computer or video game console, it is likely that you know that they are deceptively simple at first. Essentially, there is a blocking of attacks, another to launch attacks and a third button to jump. Marvel Contest of Champions has those, but you will have to pay close attention to what your fingers are doing and when.

You will be playing Marvel Contest of Champions with on-screen controls. Keep your finger on the left edge of the screen to block and attack. Pass from the left edge to the right edge to quickly move around the level in which the direct. Swipe from the right edge to the left edge to move quickly to the left and step out of danger. Sliding quickly along the right side of the screen allows you to attack.

Go a few rounds of practice in the game from the beginning only to make sure that you have these controls down. Every move you make, every battle is won or lost based on the rather than these simple techniques are mastered. Would you like to use as many combos as you can. Not give your opponent the opportunity to land an attack, and that it will not be able to fill your special attack meter and do serious damage to you. This technique will be useful much when you start to take on a function of the game multiplayer characters.

Marvel contest of Champions tips and tricks – Mind Your meters

The point of a fighting game is to exhaust meters rival hit as soon as possible without giving him the opportunity to do the same for you. The same is true in Marvel contest of champions, but there is a little more to keep an eye on.

When in a fight there is a meter at the top of the screen. Keep your eye on the beat meter and meter hit his opponent’s. You are looking for any opportunity to exhaust the other metro, but want to make sure that you are not leaving too vulnerable and put at risk its own. Second, at the bottom is a meter special attack which is filled as the land successfully accesses to your opponent. When the meter turns green, press the button next to it to launch a devastating attack.

Other meters which should keep eye on as player Marvel Contest of Champions is the health meter for each character. Let’s say that you are about to send Spider-Man and another recruit for your team in one of the game’s story missions. You want to make sure that you have enough health to survive that he is going to face in the search. The last subway will want to see is your level meter. You want that their characters tied up as much as you can. You have the same character level that your opponent makes it much more likely that you will win since you have improved health and attacks.

Marvel Contest of Champions tips and tricks – Units

How to unlock new areas in the game world you’ll get new parts of the history and the opportunity to pick up new champions and add them to his list of players. Also you will notice yourself winning a pair of units. The units are for the purchase of different extras in the unit’s shop.

Visit the shop unit for the first time is an exercise in personal restriction. There are plug-ins to level up your character faster and collecting tons of gold to help in their efforts. The game frequently keeps sales in complete packages of items that include potions, or try this marvel contest of champions hack tool to get more resources for upgrade materials and a new character. For example, this week is Dead Pool. If you are stuck in the game that should keep its eye out for unit save articles that can help you in your search.

Good luck mastering the game. Marvel Contest of Champions is free in the App Store available iTunes and Google Play Store.

X MEN revelation: It is the highest grossing film worldwide in its premiere



The movie ‘X MEN Apocalypse’ has just debuted with a huge success with his debut in a good number of international markets. Ranks first in 71 of the 75 countries where it debuted during the present weekend. A great start for the overproduction of the Marvel Universe directed by Bryan Singer.

The adventure ‘X MEN Apocalypse’ film opens in cinemas around the world during these dates. In addition some truly excellent data in the box marking International office. Exceeding 100 million dollars.

‘X MEN Apocalypse’ is located in the first position in countries such as France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia and Spain. In addition to that in the next week you will reach screens of other large markets such as the United States.

With this super data undoubtedly adaptations of comic will remain at the top in the rankings of the world box office.

Especially if we take into account the great data marked by the film ‘Captain America 3 Civil War’, stood at the top of the rankings in the year 2016, both worldwide and in the United States.

The X MEN saga stands as one of the few Marvel franchises that are still beyond the control of the Studio. When Spiderman returned and counted with their presence in the film Captain America 3 Civil War as a debut.

‘X MEN Apocalypse’ adventure film will reach cinemas around the world during these days. Now one of the members of the cast, Sophie Turner, also talks about the future of the same. As for example the film ‘X MEN new mutants’.

Sophie Turner thus joins other members of the cast of the series, as for example Jennifer Lawrence, who also already signed the fourth film in the role of mysticism.

It seemed evident that many of the new faces of the cast of the series
X MEN, as the own Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and Alexandra Shipp, are provided with a promising future in the saga beyond the achievement of the second trilogy directed by Bryan Singer. Meanwhile Sophie Turner continues his career in the television series ‘Game of Thrones’, with its sixth season now underway.

The premiere of the movie ‘X MEN Apocalypse’ is presented as one of the most anticipated of the year in the world of comic adaptations. Marking also an interesting point of step towards the future of the X-MEN universe, under the control of 20th Century Fox.

This is also one of the few Marvel franchises that are still beyond the control of the Studio. When Spiderman returned and counted with their presence in the film Captain America 3 Civil War as a debut.

MovieStarPlanet – Weekly movie star fan post # 5

Game Online


It’s the time of the week again, where we had a look at the amazing fan content all you movie star planet fans uploaded! First up, we will you see some incredible art! By Victoria JS, this is a picture of two BFF avatars, it comes from the Danish movie star planet.

A seriously adorable and colorful creation by SeliXdLps1. And by redderon of the Polish movie star planet, drawing that I love is really cute! And for our video of the week, we would be delighted for you to consider, these videos is star msp with a drawing of the Green mafia. We wish you lots of fun!

Over at the movie star planet Office, they have had an amazing influx of fan art of recently, everything looks absolutely awesome!

Let us know which ones are your Favorites!

Don’t forget if you, or someone you know, creates their own MSP is fan content, you can in the comments to share. All that have written from your movie star planet outfit of the week, to short stories, on the basis of your experience with the game. Here you can contact us tweet or Hashtag your posts #MSPOfTheWeek for the chance to appear in the next few weeks weeks fan contribution.

We hope that you enjoyed this weeks movie star planet fan contribution. Make sure to check the site again this weekend for our new weekly favorites!

MSP free VIP

Movie star is free for all players available, but if the best out to get the game, is it best to have a VIP membership. Well, if you do not want to buy a VIP membership, or if you do not want to try and hack you either, you can have a look on this page and find some MSP accounts and passwords.

I’m going with movie star VIP accounts and passwords to update this page as I find them, to share them with you! Some players tired their MSP account and decide to stop playing. Well, if she should still VIP’s don’t go to waster should? I don’t think so.

If you or someone you know, a MSP VIP account and password, that you must no longer use, please share it in the comments and I’ll add it to this page. I will do my best to this list of accounts and keep passwords if you are using msp hack tool, I like to find new.

Everyone should the possibility to play movie star VIP for free! There’s you with a VIP Member’s account and the password to do so much. Earn more Starcoins and get famous fast with a VIP account.

It will take all, is to share only a few people to start their unused accounts and passwords, and more will prevail. Add your in the comments, if not more so someone else can!